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From Another Teacher

I have taken [several] classes from your Adult Ed teachers and Ryan Claytor is by far the most qualified. Not only does he have a thorough knowledge of his subjects, he has an excellent manner of presentation. He keeps the discussion on track in a tactful way, repeats information without prompting, and gives clear, precise instruction. He is a great addition to the Adult Ed faculty.

- Nora McMeeking
Teaching Crafts Since 1991

Outstanding Faculty Nomination Letter

I would like to nominate Ryan Claytor for the Outstanding Teacher Commendation. I was enrolled in his Santa Barbara City College Photoshop I course last spring. I have taken dozens of Santa Barbara City College and Santa Barbara Adult Education Courses over the past twenty years, and I find Mr. Claytor to be one of the best instructors I've ever experienced. In
fact, I had planned to stay in this course only long enough to learn a few techniques and then drop the class. But it was precisely because of Mr. Claytor's teaching style that I stayed in the class for the entire semester, even completing the final assignment. He mixes humor with instruction and is thoroughly knowledgeable of the Photoshop program, as well as many other programs that can be interchanged with Photoshop. He relates comfortably with younger and older students, and is respected by all. He arrives at his classes early and prepared. The text he chose is easy to understand and I still use it for assistance. He knows his topic thoroughly and encourages
his students to think for themselves in problem solving, accepting that some of us "older" students may need a little repetition from time to time. I can't say adequately how much I looked forward to Wednesdays and being in his class. For all of these reasons, I hope you will award Ryan Claytor with the Outstanding Teacher Commendation. He deserves it!!!

- Mary Maguire
Survey Technician

Returning Student

If Ryan is teaching, I'm there!

- Kent Cullen
Retired Surgeon

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