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Sergio Aragones

One of the first comics I was introduced to was Sergio Aragones' "Groo the Wanderer." I loved it then and still adore it to this day. In my opinion, the Sergio (artist) and Mark Evanier (writer) team is pure magic.

Mark Evanier

Mark compliments Sergio like the filmy skin on drying cheese dip...only better. Not only does he write for countless television shows (Garfield and Friends) and magazines (The Comics Buyer's Guide), but he is also the co-creator on many of Sergio Aragones' titles.

Tom Luth

Tom hails as colorist (a heroing task) for the Groo Crew. He also puts his computer handywork to use in many other creative nitches including film.

Ted Naifeh

Ted creates one of my favorite comics on the market right now, "Courtney Crumrin and the Night Things." about a crumudgenly little girl forced to live with her old uncle in his spooky house, and that's just the tip of the banister, my deary.

Tom Beland

Tom won me over with his hilarious, honest, and beautiful autobiographical comic book entitled "True Story: Swear to God." Another of my current faves.


Fernando Ruiz

Fernando is an artist and occasional writer for veteran publisher, Archie Comics. You can find Fernando's work every month in Archie Mysteries and even buy his original artwork which he regularly posts on Ebay.

Sara Varon

Sara published her comic compendium, "SweaterWeather," through Alternative Comics. This is a testament to innovative printing that boasts too many enjoyable surprises to list.

Judd Winick

This guy writes books for one of the big two, but also does some time on the indy circuit. "Barry Ween: Boy Genius," is a side-splitting, laugh-out-loud, good time. ...but don't take my word for it.

Craig Thompson

If "Good-bye, Chunky Rice," put Craig Thompson on the comics map, then "Blankets," bought him the whole darn plantation. Truly a Graphic NOVEL, to the tune of 600 pages, "Blankets" is a must-read for the auto-biographical genre.

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